Managing Psychosocial Risks and Hazards

Building capability with psychosocial risk management

For years many leaders have understood the need to create a physically safe place to work. However, few leaders understand the positive impacts that reducing psychosocial risks and hazards can have on the wellbeing, productivity and performance of their team.  

What is Psychosocial risk and why is managing it important?

The regulation of work health and safety has undergone recent changes, with regulators across Australia pushing to better address psychosocial hazards in the workplace. SafeWork Australia defines psychosocial hazard as “anything that could cause psychological harm (e.g. harm someone’s mental health).
Common psychosocial hazards at work include:

On top of this, worker compensation claims relating to psychological injuries at work are incredibly complex, costly for organisations, and are on the steady rise. That’s why, in 2022, SafeWork Australia developed a Code of Practice for Managing Psychosocial Hazards at Work. This code provides practical guidance on how to achieve the standards required under the Work Health and Safety Act.  

Although, States and Territories have different legal requirements, it’s fair to say that all organisations should be promoting the reduction of risks and hazards that may cause harm to their people - physically and psychologically.

One practical way to do this is to equip your managers to understand what psychosocial risks and hazards are, the impacts on their people and organisation and the important part managers play in creating a safe place to work.  

In this highly engaging session, we will build your manager’s leadership capability by:  

  • Discuss the positive implications of mitigating psychosocial risks and hazards in the workplace (the financial, moral and legislative obligations of employers)  
  • Discover key psychosocial risks and hazards and how leaders can lead with these factors in mind (understanding the role they play)
  • Develop a practical action plan that is meaningful to each leader

Contact us today to learn more about how our sessions can help you build the capability of your leaders to reduce psychosocial risks and hazards in your workplace.

Program details

2 hour workshop or 1 hour webinar
Delivery mode:
Face-to-face facilitated workshop or online (Zoom)
Participation numbers:
Up to 25 people per workshop / 70+ per webinar

From $3990 +gst

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