Our approach

As Camp Quality's certified social enterprise, our profits go towards bringing fun, positivity and laughter back into the lives of kids impacted by cancer.

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We take a refreshing approach to learning

Contemporary organisations need workforces that are ready to adapt well to changes and uncertainty. Organisations need flexible learning programs that are highly engaging, experiential, on-demand and varied to cater to diverse workforces.

Work can be a tough place

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Employees are distracted every 5 minutes, often by work programs
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41% of time is spent doing unproductive or dissatisfying tasks
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Adult-learning principles

Our services are underpinned by adult-learning principles and effective social learning. When participants actively engage with others about the content, they're more likely to apply learning to practice.

Our facilitation methodology actively engages all participants, strengthening neural pathways for long-term, sustainable change.
The Oranges Toolkit learning environments are experiential even in the virtual setting – because we learn best by doing and reflecting.

Where possible, we set up small groups to enable meaningful connections and trust which are the foundations of a psychologically safe and productive workplace. All participants are supported to commit to clear actions to build their wellbeing.

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Connection and play

Play is a foundation of our programs as it enhances positive emotions which are essential to collaboration, engagement, wellbeing and learning outcomes.

Our leadership and wellbeing programs are specifically designed to enhance meaningful connection, collaboration and trust within teams through engaging group work and discussion.

Our facilitators are skilled at distilling complex science and delivering it in an engaging and interactive way to enhance your team’s learning journey.

A unique approach to wellbeing workshops

The Oranges Toolkit framework uniquely applies the scientific research from fields including positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, sociology, systems theory, organisational change, business management theory and more.

Our expert facilitators use this evidence to inform our engaging training programs - enlightening participants about the science of human behaviour and offering practical tools to advance wellbeing and performance at work.

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Measurable outcomes
We provide measurable outcomes including improving employee wellbeing overall performance, collaboration, engagement and productivity.
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Practical skills
Participants' gain practical skills and tools to increase adaptability, resilience, teamwork, creativity and innovation our programs are highly interactive fun and immersive to enhance learning and support long-term sustainable behaviour change.
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Academic research
Our academic research is sourced from the world’s leading universities.

Download our program guide

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