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wellbeing programs that build mental and emotional agility, equipping employees to positively adapt to complexity, change and adversity

working nine to

When employees feel at their best, they are more engaged, productive and collaborative.

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Employees with increased mental and emotional agility are better equipped to adapt to complexity, change and adversity.

seven juicy segments of

The Oranges Toolkit framework uniquely applies the latest research from renowned scientific fields across seven segments of wellbeing

o is for optimism

The feeling of being hopeful; looking forward to future success. Create flexible, optimistic thinking habits that enable you to focus on positive outcomes, remain persistent and deal with unexpected change.

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r is for resilience

The capacity to withstand and adapt to challenges; not just bouncing back - bouncing forward from challenges and adversity. Apply practical and simple tools to build emotional agility.

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a is for attitude

A way of thinking or feeling that we bring to every situation. Learn the powerful impact that our attitudes and choices play on our wellbeing and relationships, manage stress and be more motivated.

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n is for now

Mindfulness - being able to focus your attention and be present without judgement. Learn the tools to be more focused, less distracted, put things into perspective, gain emotional control and feel more engaged.

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g is for gratitude

The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation and return kindness. Learn the importance of building the superpower skill of gratitude to boost happiness, performance and team connectedness.

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e is for energy

The strength and vitality required for sustained mental or physical activity. Learn how our emotions impact our energy and explore practical ways to shift our mood through sleep, movement, nutrition and nurturing quality relationships.

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s is for strengths

A particular way of behaving, thinking or feeling that is deeply energising and authentic. Learn how to capitalise on strengths to feel more engaged, energised, productive and happier individually, as a team and across the organisation.

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support kids
facing cancer

When you choose to build employee wellbeing with the Oranges Toolkit, you also choose to support kids facing cancer. As the social enterprise of Australia's most trusted childhood cancer charity, Camp Quality, our profits go towards supporting kids impacted by cancer in Australia.

some of the clients who trust us

“The Oranges Toolkit webinars have had a major impact on all of our employees who took part. They were interactive, the content was relevant and based on the latest science, plus we had an engaging playbook – all these factors helped to set the webinars apart from any others that we had run. Whilst we were all taking part remotely, the webinars made us feel that we were all together – the positivity, care and support was resonating from our screens!”

Samantha Johnson,
Executive General Manager (HSEQ), McConnell Dowell Corporation

“In a fast-changing business environment ORANGES has given our staff the skills and tools to be more resilient, optimistic and energised, which has positively enhanced our ability to change and focus most effectively on our customer’s needs.”

Elise Mann,
Head of Human Resources, Motorola Solutions

“DHL Express held an Australian Commercial Conference and the Oranges session was voted the best and most relevant of all in the 3 day conference. In a world of uncertainty you can be most effective if you truly focus on what you can actually control, YOU.”

Gary Edstein,
CEO / Senior Vice President, DHL Express, Oceania

“The Oranges Toolkit content was not only practical but also clearly grounded in science and current thinking around improving wellness and resilience. Our post-workshop feedback from staff was very positive. Staff learnt some valuable life skills that could be applied immediately and they also had plenty of fun. Given our corporate values around philanthropy, we were also drawn to the Oranges Toolkit as a social enterprise and knowing profits are going to such an important cause.”

Craig Murphy
GM - Customer, People & Culture, Henley Properties

“This training is so different to anything we’ve had before, there was a new spark in people when they left that room. The level of motivation, the energy around the individuals and the group about wanting to share this and do something different was immense.”

Martyn Campbell,
Executive Director, SafeWork SA

“A great program that provided our Australia / New Zealand team with simple, practical and measurable tools to deal with challenges and changes they face on a regular basis.”

Tom Christodoulou,
ANZ Sales Director & GM. Zebra Technologies

serious about

We scour the globe for contemporary evidence from leading universities like Harvard, Pennsylvania and Stanford to inform our practical tools. We synthesise research from renowned fields like positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, systems theory and more.

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resources and

five ways to use compassion to ease empathy fatigue

Feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, and other signs of fatigue can be reduced, through shifting our focus towards a willingness to provide care for others.

business case for workplace wellbeing  

The business case for investing in employee wellbeing is stronger than ever. Use our free template to make a strong case for change in your organisation!

embracing change e-book

Designed for leaders, this e-book explores the neuroscience of change, with tools to help employees adapt and even thrive in uncertainty.

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build wellbeing anywhere with e-learning

Learn the science and skills of the ORANGES Seven Segments of Wellbeing program using our new, video-based, highly engaging e-learning experience. Ideal for teams and individuals working remotely, it can be accessed on any device, at any time.

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