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Enabling organisations to perform at their best,
while supporting kids facing cancer

The Oranges Toolkit is a certified Social Trader and wholly owned social enterprise of Australia's most trusted childhood cancer charity, Camp Quality. Our profits are returned to Camp Quality to support kids and families impacted by cancer in Australia, bringing fun, positivity and laughter back into their lives.

born out of
camp quality

With the guidance of world leading experts, Camp Quality created the ORANGES program to support staff and volunteers to be positive and resilient in their work with kids facing cancer. The incredible success of the program led to the birth of The Oranges Toolkit social enterprise.

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our energising

Since 2017, the purpose our social enterprise is to build positive wellbeing, mental and emotional agility in workforces and communities, returning profits Camp Quality to support kids facing cancer in Australia.

seven segments of wellbeing

All Oranges Toolkit programs are informed by our 7 segment framework which is based on the latest science. Every program equips participants with an extensive toolkit to create positive mental health in organisations. We also delve into a broad range of business and leadership subjects that target specific, practical strategies to build emotional and mental agility within workforces.

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As an organisation, we value...


We base our creativity on sound logic and credible evidence. We apply the latest research and theory from renowned scientific fields to provide practical tools that work.


We are open to new thinking and ideas, willing to adapt and constantly improving.


We establish trust to build genuine, inclusive and sustained relationships.


Our approach is refreshing, bold and original.

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