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Here you'll find practical tips to apply today, thought-provoking articles and ready-to-go resources you can use and share with peers. Everything we do is informed by evidence from renowned scientific fields like positive psychology, neuroscience, business management theory and much more. We use these insights and our unique framework to create practical tools you can use easily to improve mental and emotional agility.

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five ways to use compassion to ease empathy fatigue

Feelings of exhaustion, anxiety, and other signs of fatigue can be reduced, through shifting our focus towards a willingness to provide care for others.

how to get better at coping with emotions during change

With change comes many different and valid emotions. The good news is, the science suggests we can tame our emotions when they become unhelpful.

six key questions to help you build wellbeing into the employee lifecycle

Using the employee lifecycle view can provide a helpful framework to identify strengths, opportunities and gaps in how an organisation supports employee wellbeing.

how to plan an effective wellbeing conversation with your manager

Having a conversation about your wellbeing can be a powerful step towards improving it. Use this guide for how to approach a wellbeing conversation at work.

2022 customer satisfaction and impact survey

We pride ourselves on continuous improvement of our customer experience and services. The results gathered in our customer satisfaction survey are invaluable.

seven meaningful ways to express gratitude at work

Expressing gratitude is an important part of an organisation’s wellbeing culture. It is a way to show appreciation and to build a sense of community and belonging.

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benefit from bitesize vitality videos

Our new educational video series delivers short bursts of science and vitality-boosting tools to employees' inboxes and devices, keeping wellbeing and self-care top-of-mind.

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