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Investing in your people makes good sense

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The business case for workplace wellbeing

The science is clear: when employees have good wellbeing and emotional agility they are better equipped to respond to positively to change and uncertainty, resulting in better business outcomes.

There are many benefits to improved employee wellbeing

Mental ill health such as anxiety and depression affects everyone in our community. Amongst other things, this can lead to reduced engagement, lower participation at work and lower productivity.

Proactive prevention is the best approach. Investing in the wellbeing and mental health of staff has been shown to deliver improvements in many areas.

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more productivity
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more engagement
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less likely to burnout
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more work satisfaction
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less likely to quit
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higher customer ratings
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fewer safety incidents
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increase in shareholder return

“The only way to thrive in today’s business climate is to equip your staff with the skills to be open to change, agile in their thinking and resilient against the challenges they will face.”

The Oranges Toolkit
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Free workplace wellbeing business case template

The case for supporting mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace is stronger than ever. If you're looking to introduce a workplace wellbeing program in your organisation, this business case template may be a helpful resource to prompt your organisation's leaders to take the next step.

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Compelling evidence for investing in wellbeing programs

This business case template includes background information and credible research that supports the return on investment for employee wellbeing and mental health programs.  

Wellbeing and mental health in the workplace is a growing concern amongst business leaders. This is not surprising when you note that:

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of Australians between the ages of 16-85 will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime*
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One in five Australians have taken time off work in the past 12 months because they felt stressed, anxious, depressed or mentally unhealthy*
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of employees believe their workplace is healthy*

*Australian Government Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health, 2020 and Price Waterhouse Coopers, Creating a mentally healthy workplace, Return on investment analysis, March 2014.

Proactive, practical and science-led employee wellbeing programs like The Oranges Toolkit programs deliver a multitude of benefits including improving employee engagement, productivity, resilience and increasing adaptability to change, collaboration and more.
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Save time and use our business case template

We’ve done the heavy lifting and saved HR professionals and business leaders hours of research to help them create a strong business case to generate support for evidence-informed workplace wellbeing programs, such as the solutions offered by The Oranges Toolkit. Many of our clients have already told us it has saved their valuable time. We hope you'll find the template helpful too!

If you would like any support, detailed pricing or further details (or a Word template rather than PDF), please contact us.

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