Our Camp Quality story

Our profits are returned to Camp Quality to support kids and families impacted by cancer in Australia, bringing fun, positivity and laughter back into their lives.

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Born out of Camp Quality

With the guidance of world leading experts, Camp Quality created the Oranges program to support staff and volunteers to be positive and resilient in their work with kids facing cancer. The incredible success of the program led to the birth of The Oranges Toolkit social enterprise.

Our energising purpose

Since 2017, the purpose of our social enterprise is to build positive wellbeing, mental and emotional agility in workforces and communities, returning profits to Camp Quality to support kids facing cancer in Australia.

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The origin of Oranges

Working with children facing cancer requires a special mix of skills, passion and commitment. The employees and volunteers at Camp Quality, Australia’s leading childhood cancer charity, consistently provide exceptional support to children and families facing a heart-breaking cancer diagnosis.  In the late 2000s, Camp Quality recognised that it needed to support its employees and volunteers to be positive, optimistic and resilient despite the adversity they were often facing.

With guidance from world-leading experts, Camp Quality introduced the science of positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to staff in an innovative training program. The program was called Oranges, an acronym for wellbeing: Optimism, Resilience, Attitude, Now, Gratitude, Energy and Strengths.

The practical Oranges program delivered exceptional results, improving resilience levels and the mental agility of Camp Quality staff and volunteers. It led to an uplift in innovation and productivity across the Camp Quality workforce. Improved workforce performance ultimately supported the organisation to enhance its impact and reputation, ranking in the top 5 most trusted national charities in the Australian Charity Reputation Index (RepTrack) in 2017. Camp Quality continues to uphold community trust, ranking as Australia’s most reputable children’s cancer charity for kids aged 0-13 in 2019.

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camp quality group wearing colourful tee shirts and laughing
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Notable impact and increasing demand

Forward-thinking HR professionals took notice of the positive impact at Camp Quality and expressed interest in the Oranges program. Camp Quality began to deliver the Oranges program to corporate partners who were interested in improving the wellbeing of their own staff, including Estee Lauder and APN News Media.

Demand for the Oranges program quickly increased. In 2017, Camp Quality created The Oranges Toolkit social enterprise, a wholly owned subsidiary dedicated to building resilient and change-ready workforces. The Oranges Toolkit returns profits directly to Camp Quality and the Oranges tools continue to be embedded in the charity’s culture of positivity.

A seriously refreshing social enterprise.

Since launching in 2017, The Oranges Toolkit has delivered transformational programs to more than 80+ organisations and 5000+ participants across private and public sector organisations. Our programs have impacted a wide range of industries and clients, including the Australian Institute of Sport, DHL Express, Motorola Solutions, KPMG, SafeWork SA, the South Australian Attorney-General’s Department, Roche, and many more.

As a social enterprise and certified Social Trader, our profits are returned to Camp Quality. So when you choose to invest in employee wellbeing and resilience programs with The Oranges Toolkit, you’re also choosing to support kids facing cancer in Australia.

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