embracing change e-book


With positive wellbeing, employees are much better equipped to adapt and innovate through periods of constant change, uncertainty and volatility. Designed for business leaders, this practical e-book explores the neuroscience of how humans respond to change, with evidence-informed frameworks and tools to support employees to effectively adapt and even thrive in uncertainty.

This free e-book resource includes:

  • The neuroscience of how humans typically respond to change, including the reward and threat response
  • The chemicals in our brains and bodies that influence our emotions and behaviours at work and play
  • Evidence-informed frameworks for leaders to manage change successfully, including David Rock’s SCARF model and Harvard’s DICE framework
  • The Oranges Toolkit’s ‘5 C’s for Change’ framework with practical tips on how leaders can support employee wellbeing through change processes
  • Helpful tips, graphics and references for further learning

If you'd like further support in managing a change process or building emotional agility in your organisation, please get in touch.

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