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The Oranges Toolkit's Seven Segments of Wellbeing Program offers science-backed principles and practical tools are now available via a highly engaging, interactive online learning experience where you can choose the when, where and how you access the learning.

Offering ultimate flexibility, you can choose all seven, a few segments or just one. Each segment features a series of informative videos based on science and relatable stories, with activities and reflections to apply your learning either in groups or individually.

Choose to learn together in a social learning experience as a team, or individually via our online learning system which is accessible at any time and location.

This program can be delivered as a completely do-it-yourself (DIY) solution, where your employees/leaders can facilitate training within your teams, without the need to engage one of The Oranges Toolkit's accredited facilitators. The program includes a complete facilitator guide, including how-to videos and a technology support guide for the user-friendly learning management system. We can also provide additional support to train your staff

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How it works

The Seven Segments are available as individual courses, each taking about 30 minutes to complete as an individual or one to two hours to complete as a group learning experience. Short videos are followed by practical activities to embed learning.

Activities are offered for individuals or groupsIf a group option is selected, one member is nominated to lead the group. A facilitation guide and Leading a Group course is available for that person.

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For participants

Participants receive a unique login and their progress is tracked through the course. Groups can meet online or in person and work through the content and learning activities together.

The number of participants is unlimited on the platform, and we recommend learning groups are set to ten people or less unless an experienced facilitator is leading the group

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For managers

This do-it-yourself solution is highly affordable and scalable and encourages leaders to lead wellbeing. All courses are supported with a playbook and resources for further learning.

Managers receive access to a dashboard that reports on engagement and completion rates for their staff.

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