What is a social enterprise?

What is a social enterprise?

The ORANGES Toolkit launched by Camp Quality

Thanks to the invaluable expertise of leading professionals, Camp Quality launched an innovative program known as ORANGES to assist its volunteers and staff members in cultivating positivity and resilience. The phenomenal success that followed led to the creation of a social enterprise called The Oranges Toolkit. Since 2017, this venture strives for improving wellbeing within organisations and communities alike, donating all profits it generates back to helping kids affected by cancer in Australia.

The ORANGES Toolkit flagship workshop

A social enterprise is a business that works to solve social problems. The Oranges Toolkit is an example of a social enterprise that was created by Camp Quality. The profits from the Oranges Toolkit are used to support and fund Camp Quality’s programs, services, and camps for kids. As a business leader, it is important to understand the benefits of using a social enterprise like the Oranges Toolkit in your company.

What Are Social Enterprises?

Social enterprises can be defined as businesses whose primary purpose is to achieve a social or environmental goal. They operate like traditional businesses but reinvest their profits into their cause or mission rather than towards shareholders or owners. Companies that use social enterprises are able to show their commitment to giving back and creating positive change in society by making strategic investments in organisations that share similar values and goals. Additionally, companies can benefit financially from these investments as well as benefit from improved brand recognition and increased customer loyalty due to their involvement with worthy causes.

Camp Quality

Benefits of Using a Social Enterprise

There are numerous benefits associated with using a social enterprise such as the Oranges Toolkit. Firstly, it provides an excellent opportunity for companies to invest directly in charities they support while also receiving financial returns on their investment. Secondly, it enables them to engage in corporate responsibility initiatives without having to invest any additional funds into charity foundations or other non-profits outside of the company’s scope of operations. Finally, using a social enterprise allows companies to increase their visibility in the community through direct donations or sponsorships which results in improved public relations and better customer relationships.

Collaborating with a social enterprise can enhance employee morale and engagement, as staff are aware they are working for an organisation devoted to making positive changes in society. This type of environment gives employees the opportunity to feel empowered while striving towards both business objectives and helping those in greater need through programs like Camp Quality's Oranges Toolkit program.

Overall, working with a social enterprise like The Oranges Toolkit offers many benefits both economically and socially for companies looking to give back while still achieving their business goals. By understanding the advantages associated with this type of investment you will be able to make informed decisions regarding which charitable organisations you would like your company to support. Engaging in corporate responsibility initiatives results in increased employee satisfaction and improved public relations strategies leading towards greater success for your organisation as well as those who you choose to support!

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