The power of setting intentions

The power of setting intentions

We’re here. In a new year. How are you feeling about what lies ahead?

We may be feeling excitement, trepidation, optimism, or even dread. After a year of volatility, and continuing uncertainty, all of these feelings are very natural.  It’s important that we accept that we don’t necessarily have control over all the things that impact us. What we can do is focus on making sure we have the mental and emotional agility we need to recognise and embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead of us - whatever they may be.

Setting intentions for 2024

Over the break you may have reevaluated a few things and have set a few goals for your career or personal life.

Importantly, have you also set goals for your personal wellbeing? And for those of us leading others, have you encouraged your teams to do the same? And, how will you support these activities?

As business and ‘busy-ness’ begins to pick up, many of us will readily dive into reviewing our strategic plans and updating our work plans to achieve important 2021 goals and targets. At the Oranges Toolkit, we believe it’s ideal if we can apply the same energy to creating a self-care strategy and wellbeing action plan. Even if we’re already feeling at our best!

The power of a plan

The very act of planning actions, setting intentions and writing them down can boost our engagement and wellbeing. Through repeated thoughts and actions, we are able to rewire our brain and create positive habits. This is because of neuroplasticity – our amazing ability to change the structure of our brain; strengthening and creating new neural pathways throughout our lives.  And when we have positive wellbeing, we are able to be 3.5 times more creative and innovative, 29% more productive and 125% less likely to burnout (The Wellbeing Lab, 2018).

Practical tools to help

To help you with this, for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing a range intentional activities on our social media that you  can apply to your daily life. We will be sharing a range of activities because wellbeing is complex, and not every person will benefit from the same activity. Researcher and psychologist Sonja Lyubormirksy calls this ‘Person Activity Fit’. We hope you find the right fit for you!

To start, discuss with a colleague, friend or as a team: What current wellbeing and self-care strategies serve you well?

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