Refuel for resilience - free tipsheet

Refuel for resilience - free tipsheet

Resilience levels need to be fuelled during ongoing change  

Modern workforces are dealing with constant change and uncertainty - this can affect employee wellbeing and performance. Resilience is the ability to ‘bounce forward’ from the challenges, difficulties and changes we face.

Resilience is essential to managing heightened physiological and emotional states, but it can be hard to know when resilience reserves are low or depleted.  

Self-awareness is the first step

At The Oranges Toolkit, we strongly believe in the power of self-awareness. When you understand yourself and how your brain and body works, you can choose intentional activities to support your wellbeing and that of others. This tipsheet is designed to build understanding and offer practical tips that can be applied immediately to fuel increased resilience.

This free tipsheet features:

  1. Simple insights into how the human brain works
  1. The types of fuel that that your brain needs  
  1. Ten simple, practical tips to fuel your brain for resilience  

When we feel good, we perform better. We encourage you to share this free resource with others to support their wellbeing at work. If you’re interested in other practical tools or wellbeing training programs for you and your workplace, please get in touch.

Download your free copy here!

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