Happy employees are productive employees

Workplace culture is often considered an obscure aspect of managing people; one that too often isn't handled as a priority.

This perception is confusing as it has been indicated time and time again that culture can affect employee motivation and performance, and productivity as a result. Studies have shown that when employees are genuinely happy, they are more engaged, and from their increased drive, rising profits in the long term can be achieved. The key to happiness in the workplace is to create, and maintain, a positive and resilient environment that allows your employees to be engaged, to find value in their work, and thus foster innovation.

Here are six tips you can implement in your organisation to create a positive workplace.

1. Show gratitude.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. People who acquire an attitude of gratitude will experience higher levels of meaning and wellbeing in their lives. The more you can cultivate this positive emotion the more you can broaden your thinking and build optimistic habits.

2. Being mindful.

Being mindful is being present in this time at that moment and its a skill anyone can learn. Every day the average person loses focus at least 47% of the time and there is a huge opportunity to train ourselves to be more mindful so that we can gain more emotional control and
have sharper memory and recall which ultimately leads to more productivity.

3. Focus on strengths.

Strengths are what come naturally to us and allow us to perform at our best. They are hardwired within our DNA. Research shows that people who identify and use their strengths on a regular basis are more energised, less stressed, more engaged and have a great feeling of wellbeing.

4. Think optimistically.

Optimism is about being able to see the rocks in the road and believing you have the skills to navigate a path around them. Its a myth to believe we are born either pessimistic or optimistic and research shows that we can train our brains to be optimistic just like we can learn to drive a car.

5. Allow for failures.

Nurture an environment that allows for failures, because failures are your springboard to success. Every failure is an opportunity to be learnt from, which can build resilience and inspire creative solutions.

6. Celebrate success.

Finally, when you get success you need to have an environment that celebrates it. Recognition and appreciation of your employee's success can build motivation and fulfilment. It can also strengthen employee relationships.

At The Oranges Toolkit, creating a measurable culture that is built around optimism, resilience and change behaviours is essential in how we operate. These 6 simple tips can help you in creating a positive work environment, which can lead your employees to feeling engaged and valued, allowing them to have purpose and meaning in their job, which ultimately leads to happiness and productivity.

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