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An engaging educational video series to build wellbeing with limited time, minimal effort, and high impact. Snack-size vitality boosts for your workforce every week or fortnight!


The new Vitality Videos educational series features short, engaging, high quality educational videos, packed with insightful science and practical tips that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and applied immediately. Ideal for large workforces or those who are geographically dispersed or time-poor teams, you choose the video package and the frequency of weekly or fortnightly distribution. Together, we will send micro-learning vitality boosts direct to your employees' inbox, device or your internal communication platform.

Many employees are time-poor, and self-care and wellbeing practices can easily slip. Naturally, regular reminders can help to guide behaviour change and embed positive wellbeing. According to Statista research, the average number of learning hours used globally was 34.7 hours in 2019, which equates to less than one hour per week, so this time really needs to count! The Vitality Videos offer a succinct micro-learning solution that requires small time investments but delivers big impact, especially for those who are feeling fatigued by training, pressure and increased workload.

The Vitality Videos offer an introduction, or a 'refresher program', to the unique, science-based ORANGES framework. Each segment features four professionally produced videos that reveal a short introduction to the topic, and offer insights and tips to improve mental and emotional agility, and build positive wellbeing across each of the seven ORANGES segments:

  • Optimism - learn about the power of optimism, the negativity bias and how to apply a positive reframe
  • Resilience - understand resilience, being emotionally agile and how to build skills that help you bounce forward from adversity
  • Attitude (mindset) - explore the iceberg theory, growth and fixed mindsets, and learn how to manage stress
  • Now (mindfulness) - build your attention muscles with mindfulness, curiosity and mindful listening
  • Gratitude - learn about the importance of gratitude, kindness and positivity to improve wellbeing of self and others
  • Energy - explore the connection between emotions and energy, emotional contagion, and how to manage mood and energy for improved productivity
  • Strengths - discover your own strengths, how to use them intelligently, and how to spot strengths in others

The length of the videos ranges from two to five minutes. Available for distribution via email or SMS campaigns send by us or your internal channels, The Oranges Toolkit will coordinate the broadcasts of the engaging video content in partnership with you, making this as easy to execute as possible.

You can choose to enrol in one of the following three options:

  • A burst of ORANGES A burst of four Vitality Videos, from a segment of choice delivered over one to two months
  • A taste of ORANGES: One video from each of the seven segments delivered at the frequency you choose
  • The whole ORANGES program: All 28 videos sent weekly or fortnightly, covering the complete framework

All options include unlimited users and views within your organisation, captions, live streaming, program coordination and distribution. Accompanying activity sheets (PDF format) are provided to support practical application of the learning, including extra resource links for those who want to extend their learning. We offer co-branding of activity sheets and customisation of marketing assets at an additional cost.

Pricing is subscription based and can be purchased upfront or monthly, starting at $2000+GST for the Burst package. Please make an enquiry (via the form on the right of this page) and we'll share package options, a sample video and explain exactly how Vitality Videos could work for you.

*SMS incurs additional distribution costs. Burst and Taste packages include 12 months access, while the Whole package includes 18 months access.

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  • Length
    Two to five minute videos, one delivered per week/fortnight - packages of 4, 7 or 28 videos available
  • Format
    Engaging, educational, high quality videos delivered via email or SMS
  • Limit
    Unlimited participants and views during access period (12-18 months)
  • Facilitator
    Presented by Tegan Davies
  • Measures
    Open and engagement rate reporting
  • Resources
    An activity sheet for each video with extra resources
  • Follow-up
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Price on enquiry
Following your enquiry, we will contact you to explore your requirements and provide a quote. Our team will arrange the distribution method, commencement date, and frequency.
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