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Psychological Safety at Work

Equip your leaders to foster a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration to enhance productivity and engagement. This program provides leaders with the skills to create a psychologically safe environment, where team members feel safe to speak up, admit mistakes and be themselves at work.

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"An incredible program that enables you to take a good, honest look at yourself and the way you see things. Would highly recommend to anyone for both work and personal life use!"

Debra, Participant
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In today's fast-paced and dynamic work environment, creating a psychologically safe space is essential for unleashing your team's full potential.

So, what is it? Psychological safety is the perception that all team members feel safe to respectfully speak up when they disagree, that they won’t be ridiculed if they screw up and that they can be themselves at work.  

Psychological safety is not only the foundation of a high performing, engaged team, but also the foundation of mitigating psychosocial risks and hazards in the workplace – a hot topic given the recent legislative changes across Australia.

During the session, we delve into the core principles of psychological safety and provide actionable strategies to cultivate an environment where every team member feels empowered to contribute their unique perspectives without fear of judgment or reprisal.

Join us in this transformative session toward building high-performing teams that thrive on collaboration, innovation, and mutual support. You can book Psychological Safety for Leaders as a standalone session, or save today by packaging it with our Managing Psychosocial Risks and Hazards and Leading Mentally Healthy Teams sessions.

In this highly interactive session, your team will leave with an understanding of:

What psychological safety is and the signs to look out for in your team
The benefits of psychological safety on team performance, cohesion and connection
Practical tools to create a culture that is inclusive, respectful and trusting, including being able to have difficult conversations that build organisational accountability

Program details

Program length:
1 hour Masterclass or 2 hour workshop (in-person or virtual)
Delivery mode:
Online (Zoom) or in-person
Participation numbers:
Up to 25 people per workshop / 70+ per Masterclass

From $3990 +GST

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We’ve been recognised as an award winning program

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What people say about us

“This training is so different to anything we’ve had before, there was a new spark in people when they left that room. The level of motivation, the energy around the individuals and the group about wanting to share this and do something different was immense.”

Martyn Campbell

Executive Director, SafeWork SA

“DHL Express held an Australian Commercial Conference and the Oranges session was voted the best and most relevant of all in the 3 day conference. In a world of uncertainty you can be most effective if you truly focus on what you can actually control, YOU.”

Gary Edstein

CEO / Senior Vice President, DHL Express, Oceania

“The Oranges Toolkit webinars have had a major impact on all of our employees who took part. They were interactive, the content was relevant and based on the latest science, plus we had an engaging playbook – all these factors helped to set the webinars apart from any others that we had run. Whilst we were all taking part remotely, the webinars made us feel that we were all together – the positivity, care and support was resonating from our screens!”

Samantha Johnson

Executive General Manager (HSEQ), McConnell Dowell Corporation

“In a fast-changing business environment ORANGES has given our staff the skills and tools to be more resilient, optimistic and energised, which has positively enhanced our ability to change and focus most effectively on our customer’s needs.”

Elise Mann

Head of Human Resources, Motorola Solutions

“The Oranges Toolkit content was not only practical but also clearly grounded in science and current thinking around improving wellness and resilience. Our post-workshop feedback from staff was very positive. Staff learnt some valuable life skills that could be applied immediately and they also had plenty of fun. Given our corporate values around philanthropy, we were also drawn to the Oranges Toolkit as a social enterprise and knowing profits are going to such an important cause.”

Craig Murphy

Head of Human Resources, Motorola Solutions

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