Beating Burnout

Beating Burnout

Learn how to be aware and respond when stress takes over

Unchecked workplace stress can quickly escalate into burnout, which is now recognised as an “occupational phenomenon” listed in the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases.

Burnout is characterised by exhaustion, apathy or negativity towards work, and reduced effectiveness. Not only does prolonged workplace stress threaten employee health, but it also has a significant impact on business performance and the economy.

Thankfully, there are many strategies that individuals and managers can use to identify and minimise workplace stress and fatigue. Using neuroscience, positive psychology, and emotional intelligence, we will develop effective tools in this session for managing stress and promoting wellbeing.

In this highly interactive session, we'll cover the following topics:

  1. Understanding burnout and fatigue: We'll discuss the signs and symptoms of burnout and fatigue, and how they can impact employee well-being and productivity.
  1. Setting and maintaining boundaries: We'll explore the importance of setting and maintaining boundaries to prevent burnout and fatigue.
    Our experts will provide practical tips for managing workload and time management
  1. Minimising fatigue and feeling energised: We'll provide evidence-based strategies for minimising fatigue and promoting feelings of energy and vitality.
    We'll explore the role of exercise, mindfulness, and positive thinking in promoting well-being and reducing stress

Our evidence-based webinar can be delivered as a live, interactive webinar, or in-person workshop depending on your organisational needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how our program can help your organisation reduce workplace stress and promote employee wellbeing.

Program details

2 hour workshop or 1 hour webinar
Delivery mode:
Face-to-face facilitated workshop or online (Zoom)
Participation numbers:
Up to 25 people per workshop / 70+ per webinar

From $3990 +gst

*To discuss delivery options for your organisation, get in touch and one of our team members will design a solution for you.

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