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We offer a wide range of transformative solutions to build mental and emotional agility in your organisation.

Modern organisations need to be ready for change. The Oranges Toolkit builds mental and emotional agility through seriously refreshing workplace wellbeing programs that equip employees to positively adapt to complexity, change and adversity. The science is clear - when people feel good, they do better.

The case for investing in wellbeing is stronger than ever. Review our solutions below or get in touch with us to explore how we can design a solution to meet your unique needs.

wellbeing at work is good for business

Investing in the vital skills of employee wellbeing, resilience and mental health has been shown to boost individual productivity, teamwork and organisational performance*.

*The Wellbeing Lab 2018 Workplace Survey

The Oranges Toolkit's flagship training program builds mental agility and holistic wellbeing across seven segments that form the acronym of ORANGES: Optimism, Resilience, Attitude (mindset), Now (mindfulness), Gratitude, Energy and Strengths. Delivered in highly interactive in-person or virtual workshops, the program is transformative for individuals and teams.

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workplace wellbeing program

Explore our wide range of in-person and online training solutions to meet your organisation's employee wellbeing needs and goals. Want more? Feel free to contact us to explore how we can design a customised solution.

wellbeing webinars

Get a taste of the Oranges Toolkit’s training, accessible from anywhere

events and keynotes

Make your next event a stand-out with a snappy, science-backed presentation


Reach your entire team with wellbeing tools and training that works for them

behaviour change tools

Nurture employee wellbeing and grow productivity with our practical tools

wellbeing workshops

Experience our transformational, 7-segment program in-person or online with video-based e-learning

why choose the
oranges toolkit?

The reasons clients choose to work with us include:


The Oranges Toolkit programs are unique, memorable and engaging for adult learners - making it much easier for behaviour change to be effective and knowledge retained


We support lasting change in your workplace with strategic advice, leadership support, ongoing practical tips, videos and micro-learning tools


Our diverse team of facilitators are highly qualified, engaging story-tellers and behaviour change experts

practical, evidence-informed tools

We simplify complex science into tools you can use immediately and every day


Our flexible solutions can be adapted to meet specific business goals and needs


Our workplace programs are highly effective in organisations, plus our profits go to Camp Quality to support kids facing cancer in Australia


Research suggests that for every $1 spent on creating mentally healthy workplaces, organisations receive a return of up to $4.00.

*Australian Government Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health, 2020 and Price Waterhouse Coopers, Creating a mentally healthy workplace, Return on investment analysis, March 2014.

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Get in touch and our qualified consultants will seek to understand your organisation’s specific challenges, goals and opportunities. Together, we will find a solution to meet your workplace's needs and goals.

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