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The Squeeze of Oranges video series is a juicy taste of the science and practical solutions that the Oranges Toolkit offers, in bite-size segments that we can easily share with colleagues and friends!

Topics range from understanding each of the segments of the Oranges Toolkit program (Optimism, Resilience, Attitude, Now (mindfulness, Gratitude, Energy and Strengths) through to how to find a sense of purpose, connect with nature, savour the good, add more play to each day and much more! All feature insights and tips that we can apply immediately to boost our wellbeing at work and happiness in our everyday lives.

This series was created at the beginning of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, in partnership with Camp Quality and the launch of the Happiness Hub. This amazing and 100% free online resource is brimming with ideas, stories and advice to support families all over Australia and beyond with positivity during the pandemic, plus. You can see the full selection of Squeeze of Oranges on the Happiness Hub here.

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