coaching capability: 12-week program

Learn how to effectively coach others towards high performance


Coaching is one of the most powerful ways to enhance staff engagement and performance, however many leaders don’t have the knowledge or skills to do it well. Effective coaching means asking questions instead of providing answers; supporting employees instead of judging them; facilitating development instead of directing. 

The Oranges Toolkit's Coaching Capability program is designed to embed positive coaching practices in the workplace, through a 12 week program for leaders that encompasses pre-work to establish knowledge, monthly webinars to deliver social learning and weekly triad meetings to embed coaching practices in a supportive environment.

'This program has improved my strategies and current toolbox for working with my team and to the broader organisational environment. I continue to "stay curious a little bit longer" & have already used the 7 coaching questions.'
Coaching Program Participant, 2022

Features and outcomes:

Participants gain:

  • Understanding of the benefits of a coaching approach, to appreciate its value in leadership 
  • Awareness of self, strengths-based leadership and their natural leadership styles 
  • Coaching techniques to support staff engagement and build a positive culture i.e. listening and asking rather than ‘telling’, being present, etc.
  • Confidence to apply The Oranges Toolkit program tools on a daily basis 
  • Practise new skills with peers to create lasting behaviour change 

Organisations gain:

  • Effective leadership 
  • Increased talent retention 
  • Improved morale and team cohesion 
  • Embedded cultural and behavioural change

The Oranges Toolkit’s Coaching Capability program is designed to enhance management coaching skills so leaders can build employee and team capability. This program works well to enhance a broader organisational change management or wellbeing learning and development program.

If you need support with your strategic workplace wellbeing program, we can help with that too! Simply get in touch and one of our consultants will be very happy to assist.

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  • Length
    12 weeks, 1 hour per week
  • Format
    Mixed-method: 3 interactive webinars with pre-reading and weekly learning triad meetings
  • Limit
    Up to 25 people per group
  • Facilitator
    Accredited Oranges facilitator, delivering live
  • Measures
    Program survey data
  • Resources
    Practical workbooks to support learning (one per webinar)
  • Follow-up
    Weekly email with pre-reading, tasks and follow-up resources to embed learning
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Price on enquiry
*For up to 25 participants in a group. Groups can be dedicated to an organisation or shared across multiple organisations (Contact us if you are interested in sharing a group).
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