mastering motivation - webinar

Learn how to maximise energy and motivation levels during uncertainty


Finding it tricky to keep your team motivated towards a goal when the posts keep moving and you're all in different locations? 

Motivational theory can be complex, but this engaging session will help you to understand the variety of factors that influence our drive and determination. As humans we can be influenced by both external and internal factors, known as extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. What works for one person doesn't always work for the next.

We also take a look at the research on social networks to understand how our behaviour impacts our motivation and behaviour of those we interact with – even if it is virtually, and why a healthy dose of self-compassion can serve us well!

In this highly interactive webinar, we:

  • Discuss the research on the positive impact of social networks on our wellbeing and ability to perform at work. 
  • Discover the steps to create optimal conditions for motivation in a virtual environment by using Self Determination Theory (SDT). 
  • Develop practical strategies to engage and motivate yourself and a remote team.

This targeted and evidence-based webinar can be delivered as a live, interactive webinar or a virtual classroom where your staff gain knowledge and tools through a social learning experience. Talk to us about the topics and delivery options best suited to your needs.

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  • Length
    From 1 hour
  • Format
    Interactive, live facilitated virtual webinar
  • Limit
  • Facilitator
    Accredited Oranges facilitator, delivering live
  • Measures
    Interactive polls and post-event survey
  • Resources
    Practical playbook to support learning
  • Follow-up
    Post-event email with resources to support further learning
$ 0 AUD
From $49 per person
*Dedicated webinars start at $3500+GST per session including live facilitation and tech support.
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The Oranges Toolkit webinars have had a major impact on all of our employees who took part. They were interactive, the content was relevant and based on the latest science, plus we had an engaging playbook – all these factors helped to set the webinars apart from any others that we had run. Whilst we were all taking part remotely, the webinars made us feel that we were all together – the positivity, care and support was resonating from our screens!

Samantha Johnson, Executive General Manager (HSEQ), McConnell Dowell Corporation