Mental Health Matters - Mental Health Month October 2020

Resilience and Wellbeing Micro-Learning Series with Forget Me Not app

Wellbeing and resilience are skills. Just like other skills, we can learn to apply a few key techniques that build our capability and hone these skills to become well-formed habits.​ This Mental Health Month, build resilience and wellbeing literacy through the practical application of positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence using the app that prioritises daily learning.

We have partnered with Forget Me Not app to offer this unique question and answer series takes just a few moments each day. Available for just $21 per user, this micro-learning series is based on 3 simple learning principles:

  1. Little and often 
  2. Breaks are crucial
  3. Questions engage thinking

Questions are delivered to your smartphone daily with notifications set by the user at a time to suit them. 12 questions are asked progressively over a few weeks, and it only takes only a couple of minutes each day to master the series.

Why choose this micro-learning series?

Delivering training in short bursts supports knowledge retention and using a Smartphone app makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere in your organisation. Plus, your organisation embraces an innovation mindset and you want to deliver a unique and memorable learning experience that positively impacts wellbeing and mental health.

The details

Order the product here for the number of users you’d like to enrol in the microlearning series, or Contact Us for further information and large bookings.

Once your order is processed, we will provide you with access to the series and easy-to-follow instructions for you to share with your teams.

This offer is part of a series of Oranges Toolkit events and activities to support Australian mental health awareness for National Mental Health Month.