navigating empathy fatigue webinar

Learn how to use compassion to sustain your energy and avoid empathy fatigue


Following two years of a global pandemic, layered with recent climate crises, political tension and war, many teams are currently experiencing a new level of fatigue in workplaces. It's quite likely that our emotional 'tanks' are already running low during this prolonged period of change and uncertainty where self-care and wellbeing practices can easily slip. So, when leaders and team players engage in feeling another person's pain, stress, or anxiety during a challenging time - it can deplete their reserves and lead to a phenomenon known as empathic distress fatigue.

Recent neuroscience research suggests that compassion and empathy are terms that are often used interchangeably, however they are actually quite different, and have significantly different impacts on our brain, energy levels and overall wellbeing.  

Demonstrating empathy - essentially feeling what another person is feeling - can drain our own emotional reserves. These reserves are limited, and require renewal through our proactive wellbeing and self-care strategies, such as taking breaks, expressing gratitude, and eating and sleeping well.

During this webinar, our expert facilitator will guide you through how to:
  • Discuss the difference between empathy and compassion
  • Discover how developing compassion can reduce empathy fatigue
  • Develop practical strategies and actionable practices to increase your compassion

This targeted, science-based 60-minute interactive webinar is delivered live by our expert facilitators via Zoom. We provide tech support, a playbook and follow-up email to promote learning and action, all for only $49+GST per person (Minimum and maximum pricing apply).

Remember, if you or someone you know needs help, it's important to talk to a trusted health professional, or contact:

  • Lifeline - 13 11 14
  • Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Services - 1800 512 348

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  • Length
    60 minutes
  • Format
    Interactive, live webinar
  • Limit
  • Facilitator
    Oranges Toolkit facilitator
  • Measures
    Post-program survey
  • Resources
    Practical playbook to support learning
  • Follow-up
    Email with additional resources to continue learning
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