Mental Health Matters - Mental Health Month October 2020

The Mental Health Moments Package supports organisations to promote positive mental health amongst teams with easy to implement activites that encourage meaningful moments of connection and reflection through evidence-informed wellbeing practices.

Throughout Mental Health Month, each week there’s a new activity that your staff complete together in their teams to enhance engagement and collective wellbeing of the whole organisation.

These moments take between 15-20-minutes to complete and can be conducted virtually or face-to-face.

The Mental Health Moments Package includes:

  • 4 science-based ‘Mental Health Moment’ guides (1 per week), e.g. A gratitude practice.
  • A 3-minute instructional video per moment. Using the training videos, you don’t need to train your team leaders and managers – they simply share the video with their team and then complete the activity together.
  • A downloadable PDF guide of the Moment for each employee to follow and complete.

Why choose this?

To positively impact mental health in your organisation, you need creative and practical ways that your people can meaningfully connect while applying the science of positive psychology. Plus, this package makes it easy and stress-free for your managers to take action to promote positive mental health and open communication.

The details

At just $9 per employee, this is a very affordable, scalable and easy to implement mental health promotion. Order the quantity you need online or Contact Us if you’d like to place a large group booking or to find out more. Once your order is processed, we will contact you and share the package of videos and guides to distribute via your intranet or directly to your teams. If you’re interested in co-branding the package, we will add your logo to the downloadable guides at no extra charge.

This package is part of a series of Oranges Toolkit events and activities to support Australian mental health awareness for National Mental Health Month.