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Book our GM, Tegan Davies, as a guest speaker for a fireside chat to gain science-based insights and tips to immediately boost wellbeing and resilience.


Book our General Manager, Tegan Davies, as a special guest speaker for an online 'fireside chat' for your employees at your upcoming company event. Tegan will share inspirational science and practical tips that people can apply immediately to build their resilience and wellbeing at work and home.

Tegan is a highly experienced presenter and facilitator of The Oranges Toolkit's transformative workplace wellbeing programs and also has a decade of experience in human resources and learning and development leadership roles. She has a quick wit, calming tone and approachable style that allows her to quickly establish connection, rapport, and trust with any audience. Tegan draws on her deep knowledge of wellbeing neuroscience, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and more to ensure her presentations and conversations are enlightening and practical.

Fireside chats are ideal for time-poor employees seeking meaningful advice

The term 'fireside chat' describes a conversational event where the audience observes a conversation unfold between at least two guests or a panel of presenters. The host or interviewer asks the guest speaker/s targeted questions that they believe the audience will find interesting and informative. This helps attendees to gain valuable insights in a quick timeframe. In some cases, there is an option for audiences to contribute to the questions and answers.

Fireside chats enable you to reach a larger audience online in a more relaxed and personal way than a virtual classroom or webinar, and a low level of time commitment is required by staff (approximately 30 minutes).

We recommend that the fireside chat is hosted by a senior staff member or executive that is well known in your organisation and has some experience/interest on the discussion topic.

Choose a meaningful topic

The Oranges Toolkit fireside topics can be tailored to meet your organisation's wellbeing plan, event and needs. Potential topics include:

  • Resilience in action: How to keep topping up reserves
  • Managing emotions at work: Prioritising self-care and self-regulation
  • How to be confidently vulnerable at work
  • How to support a colleague who's not really OK

How it works: Preparation and follow-up

The Oranges Toolkit will coordinate a preparation meeting with the executive, CEO or People and Culture leader who will be leading the fireside conversation. Here we will confirm the agenda, delivery format, key challenges and messages that will be explored in the fireside session and promotion/coordination of the event. We recommend:

  • Selecting a host who is well known and a strong presenter/storyteller, with a unique and focused topic
  • Briefing your host with some prepared messages and questions related to the topic
  • Preparing examples and stories for the host to share that are relevant and engaging for your staff
  • Using your internal video meeting platform if possible, to make it easy for staff to access on the day (if not we can use Zoom)
  • Promoting the topic and benefits of the (relaxed, inclusive, informal) event as early as possible
  • Sending invites and reminders to increase attendance

Following the Iive broadcast event, the recording of the chat can be shared with your employees for a period of 28 days, giving them to opportunity to catch-up on the session if they missed it.

Note: If it is possible for both presenters to be in the same room together at an in-person event (perhaps by an actual fireside!), we will explore this separately and it may incur additional costs (such as travel and production costs).

Got questions? Get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Watch Tegan presenting recently at the recent HR Leaders Forum on the Power of Positive Emotions below:

special guest

Tegan Davies

General Manager

Tegan Davies is the passionate General Manager of The Oranges Toolkit. Tegan is an experienced designer and facilitator of wellbeing, leadership and coaching programs.  Prior to joining The Oranges Toolkit, Tegan spent a decade in several roles at childhood cancer charity and birthplace of The Oranges Toolkit, Camp Quality. This included leading the Learning, Development and Culture function for Camp Quality nationally. Tegan is driven by the power of positive psychology and scientific research and has seen the ‘ORANGES’ program positively impact hundreds of individuals, teams and organisations.

Tegan is a Board member of Action for Happiness Australia and a qualified business coach and yoga instructor. She holds various Human Resources and business qualifications, a Diploma in Positive Psychology and is an accredited Strengths Profile practitioner. Her top strengths include gratitude, teamwork and kindness.

your host

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  • Length
    30 minutes
  • Format
    Virtual fireside chat - live, online question and answer session
  • Limit
    Unlimited attendees from your organisation
  • Facilitator
    Tegan Davies, General Manager
  • Measures
  • Resources
  • Follow-up
    Post-event recording
$ 1,200 AUD
per event
Once you've made your booking, we'll contact you to arrange the specific time, topic and event details.
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