Mental Health Matters - Mental Health Month October 2020

“Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others”. Business leaders need to be self-aware and managing their own wellbeing and mental health in order to have a positive influence on those they lead.

Our clients are realising the value that executive wellbeing coaching can have, not only on their C-suite but as a flow-on effect within the business.

This unique evidence-informed coaching program consists of 3 x 60-minute individual coaching sessions focussed on building wellbeing and resilience at the executive level and in your senior Human Resources team. The virtual sessions can be sequenced to suit the needs of each leader (most choose monthly sessions) and are designed to embed change in an organisation.

The program includes:

  • 3 x 60 minute one-on-one coaching sessions with one of our senior executive coaches
  • A downloadable playbook so your leaders can keep track of their goals and their progress towards achieving these
  • Follow-up support and resources tailored to the individual

Why choose this?

To create a mentally healthy workplace you need mentally healthy leaders. You also understand that C-suite buy-in is critical and that a 1-1 coaching format is one of the most effective ways to influence learning outcomes at a senior level.

The details

Coaching packages start at $1500 per executive (for the 3 sessions) which are tailored to the organisation and individual needs.

This coaching program is offered as part of a series of Oranges Toolkit events and activities to support Australian mental health awareness for National Mental Health Month.