seven segments of wellbeing: social e-learning

Offering ultimate flexibility for learning, the transformative Seven Segments of Wellbeing training program is now available online via a highly engaging e-learning solution.


When we feel good, we perform better! The Oranges Toolkit's Seven Segments of Wellbeing Program offers science-backed principles and practical tools that can be used immediately to boost wellbeing.  This fantastic content is now available via a highly engaging, interactive online learning experience where you can choose the when, where and how you access the learning.

The Oranges Toolkit applies the latest academic research from scientific fields across seven segments of wellbeing that form the acronym of ORANGES - Optimism, Resilience, Attitude (mindset), Now (mindfulness), Gratitude, Energy and Strengths. You can choose all seven, a few segments or just one.  Each segment features a series of informative videos based on science and relatable stories, with activities and reflections to apply your learning.

Choose to learn together in a social learning experience as a team, or individually via our online learning system which is accessible at any time and location.

This program can be delivered as a completely do-it-yourself (DIY) solution, where your employees can facilitate training within your teams, without the need to engage one of The Oranges Toolkit's accredited facilitators. The program includes a complete facilitator guide, including how-to videos and a technology support guide for the user-friendly learning management system. We can also provide additional support to train your staff.

Each person receives access to the Welcome course, outlining what to expect in the program and how to complete the course. If you decide to deliver the social aspect of the program in a group, each user will be enrolled and access to our Leading a Program course will be included at no extra charge, including a step-by-step facilitation guide.

You may wish to offer the e-learning option to some of your employees in combination with our in-person training solutions to meet diverse wellbeing needs. The easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, web-based e-learning includes reporting dashboards, infographics and other features to make wellbeing program delivery easier to manage.

Our consultants will support you to enrol your team easily and determine the program content that is ideal for your team.

Contact us to explore large group and enterprise solutions, or place an order here and we'll be in touch.

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  • Length
    From 1.5 hours per segment
  • Format
    Engaging videos coupled with practical activities online
  • Limit
    No limit on participation
  • Facilitator
    Self-directed learning or DIY facilitation
  • Measures
    Pre-assessment survey and wellbeing action plans
  • Resources
    Practical workbook for each segment
  • Follow-up
    Follow-up email with additional learning resources per completed segment
$ 49 AUD
plus GST per course, per person
Price adjusts according to number of segments (1, 3, 7). Choose a package and we will contact you to determine the segment topics that will suit your wellbeing goals and needs. Our consultants will support you to enrol easily into our e-learning program. If you have a large group, please get in touch to explore our enterprise solutions.
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“The Oranges Toolkit e-learning program is thoroughly researched content that is backed by science, not just opinions. During and after the workshop, I have been able to apply the learnt strategies to my life in practical everyday experiences, allowing me to become a stronger person. Not only have I gained so much from this personally, but it's something I can teach my son for his lifelong learning. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to participate.”

Tania – Camp Quality parent and eLearning program pilot participant