7 segments of wellbeing: 2-day melbourne workshop

Secure a spot at our Melbourne program on 24-25 August 2021


Join us for a 2-day wellbeing workshop in Melbourne's CBD! This transformative program is designed to energise participants with both knowledge and practical tools, to build wellbeing. Applying the latest positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence research, the workshops deliver immediate improvements in the 7 segment areas of ORANGES - Optimism, Resilience, Attitude (mindset), Now (mindfulness), Gratitude, Energy and Strengths.

Our most comprehensive and popular program - it's only offered publicly at limited times and locations.

Features and learning outcomes summary:

Participants gain:

  • Skills and tools to improve wellbeing in all areas of life
  • Greater engagement in work and organisational culture
  • Increased self-awareness and emotional intelligence to build wellbeing
  • Improved collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Ability to handle difficult situations and change with increased confidence
  • Tools to face each day with a positive, productive mindset and strengths-focus

Organisations gain:

  • Productivity and performance gains
  • Improved employee wellbeing and resilience
  • Increased creativity and innovation
  • Positive influence on mental health
  • Strengths-based culture and leadership
  • Measurement via wellbeing assessments
  • Ongoing tools to embed learning and create lasting change

This is a rare opportunity to join a program that is open to the public. This will suit individuals looking to boost their own wellbeing, small teams, or HR professionals who wish to experience The Oranges Toolkit before rolling out the training across their organisation. Only 25 spots available - be quick!


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  • Length
    2 days from 9am - 5pm AEST in Melbourne CBD
  • Format
    Live facilitated in-person workshops (COVID-safe)
  • Limit
  • Facilitator
    Accredited Oranges facilitator, delivering live
  • Measures
    Pre and post wellbeing assessment tool and workshop survey
  • Resources
    Practical and engaging workbook to support learning
  • Follow-up
    Citrus Squeeze email series with practical tips and resources (1 segment/month)
$ 795 AUD
*Excludes GST. Includes venue hire and catering. Does not include travel costs for participants. For larger group bookings, please contact us.
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This training is so different to anything we’ve had before, there was a new spark in people when they left that room. The level of motivation, the energy around the individuals and the group about wanting to share this and do something different, was immense.

Martyn Campbell, Executive Director, Safework SA