Mental Health Month (MHM) in October is an initiative of the Mental Health Foundation Australia (MHFA) to advocate for and raise awareness of Australian mental health. MHM also coincides with World Mental Health Day on 10th October, an initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health to build awareness of mental health issues worldwide.

From devastating fires to a global pandemic, the events of 2020 have impacted the mental health and wellbeing of Australians. The impact of these challenges will continue to be felt for some time. Pe-COVID studies already indicate that 1 in 5 Australians experience a mental health issue each year and approximately half of all individuals (45%) will experience issues with mental health in their lifetime (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009). More than ever before, organisations have a moral and legal obligation to ensure their workplace is safe for their people – both physically and psychologically.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. We are offering events and tools to build awareness and improve the wellbeing and mental health of Australians this October…If you’d like to discuss any of these tools or have a new idea, please contact us!