Leading High Performing Teams

Transformative Leadership Skills for the Modern Workplace

How do you lead a team to high performance?

Discover the secret to leading high-performing teams with our cutting-edge program, designed specifically for modern leaders who are ready to elevate their team's performance. The Oranges Toolkit’s unique methodology combines the latest scientific research with practical, hands-on strategies to create resilient, engaged, and highly effective teams. This is a full day program can also be delivered over 3 x 2 hour interactive workshops.

Participants will gain:

  • Expertly Crafted Curriculum: Developed with insights from business psychology and organisational behaviour, focusing on real-world applications.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in immersive workshops that encourage practical skill application, ensuring leaders can hit the ground running.
  • Resilience Building: Learn to foster a culture of resilience that supports high performance, even in challenging times.
  • Performance Metrics: Use data-driven approaches to measure and sustain team success.
  • Flexible Delivery: Options for in-house training or virtual sessions to suit your organisation's needs.

Build leadership capability to fuel high performance in this workshop

Our leadership program goes beyond conventional training by integrating elements of positive psychology and wellbeing, crucial for sustaining high performance in teams. Leaders learn to identify and cultivate the strengths of each team member, building a foundation for innovative problem-solving and increased productivity. The program emphasises practical leadership skills for conflict resolution, effective communication, and strategic thinking, tailored to the needs of diverse and dynamic teams.

Ready to take your leadership to the next level? Enrol in the Leading High-Performing Teams program today and start your journey towards unparalleled team success. Contact The Oranges Toolkit to secure your spot, or explore our website for more information on how our programs can revolutionise your approach to leadership.

With The Oranges Toolkit’s Leading High-Performing Teams program, you're not just attending another leadership course; you're investing in a transformative experience that will redefine how you lead and how your team performs. It's time to unlock your leadership potential and guide your team to extraordinary success.

Program details

Full day workshop or 3 x 2-hour workshops
Delivery mode:
In-person facilitated workshop or online (Zoom)
Participation numbers:
Up to 25 people per workshop / 70+ per webinar

From $4490 +gst

*To discuss delivery options for your organisation, get in touch and one of our team members will design a solution for you.

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