The ORANGES Toolkit is a corporate training, change management and cultural program which delivers improved employee performance and creates high performance workplace cultures. Based on positive psychology, emotional intelligence and neuroscience this evidence based, measurable program provides participants with the tools to build resilience, and manage ever-increasing workplace demands and stress optimistically.

Structured re-enforcement tools encourage permanent behavioural change resulting in ongoing productivity gains. Just as high-performing sports teams exhibit resilience, optimism and bounce-back, high performing work groups require these skills to optimise performance. The ORANGES Toolkit has a track record of improving the engagement, trust, communications, sustainability and productivity of the workplace, laying the foundation to take your business to the next level.

In a fast-paced business Oranges has given our staff the skills and tools to be more resilient, optimistic and energised which has positively enhanced Estee’s direction and goals.

Heidi Philps, Estee Lauder Senior Human Resources Manager

A wonderful program that exceeded our expectations and added real value for myself and the business.

Angela Gibson, Educational Experiences Chief Executive Officer

At a time when our editorial business was facing numerous challenges Oranges gave us the practical tools to set the right attitude, build our resilience and establish greater focus from an individual, team and organisational level.

Neil Monaghan, APN Regional Media Chief Executive Officer

I can thoroughly recommend this training to any organisation looking to build stronger, more optimistic and resilient teams.

Rebecca Doyle, Head of People & Culture, NRL

As someone who has participated in the ORANGES program together with my staff, I can attest to the enormous benefits that utilising the tools set out in this program will bring in individual and organisational behaviours.

John Pender, Executive Director of the Australian Press Council

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