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Give your team the gift of resilience and wellbeing for 2021.
Book a memorable and energising team-building activity that also equips your team with evidence-informed, practical tools to end the year feeling engaged and ready to face whatever 2021 brings!

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performance gains

Improved engagement
and employee satisfaction

Reduced absenteeism
and staff turnover


Increased resilience
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team-building events

Support team connection and build resilience with an Oranges Toolkit event that’s informed by the latest science and filled with a huge dose of fun!
Our holistic 7 segment framework of wellbeing uniquely applies the latest research from renowned scientific fields and leading researchers at universities including Harvard, Stanford and Pennsylvania.

The Oranges Toolkit
7 segments

The Oranges Toolkit content was not only practical but also clearly grounded in science and current thinking around improving wellness and resilience. Our post-workshop feedback from staff was very positive. Staff learnt some valuable life skills that could be applied immediately and they also had plenty of fun. Given our corporate values around philanthropy, we were also drawn to The Oranges Toolkit as a social enterprise and profits were going to such an important cause.”

Craig Murphy, GM - Customer, People & Culture, Henley Properties

“In a fast-changing business environment ORANGES has given our staff the skills and tools to be more resilient, optimistic and energised, which has positively enhanced our ability to change and focus most effectively on our customer’s needs.”

Elise Mann, Head of Human Resources, Motorola Solutions

“The Oranges Toolkit Webinars have had a major impact on all of our employees who took part. They were interactive, the content was relevant and based on the latest science, plus we had an engaging playbook – all these factors helped to set the webinars apart from any others that we had run. Whilst we were all taking part remotely, the webinars made us feel that we were all together – the positivity, care and support was resonating from our screens!”

Samantha Johnson , Executive General Manager (HSEQ), McConnell Dowell Corporation

“Recently DHL Express held an Australian Commercial Conference …The ORANGES session was voted the best and most relevant of all in the 3 day conference. In a world of uncertainty you can be most effective if you truly focus on what you can actually control, YOU.”

Gary Edstein, CEO / Senior Vice President, DHL Express, Oceania

“A great program that provided our Australia / New Zealand team with simple, practical and measurable tools to deal with challenges and changes they face on a regular basis.”

“This training is so different to anything we’ve had before, there was a new spark in people when they left that room.. The level of motivation, the energy around the individuals and the group about wanting to share this and do something different was immense.”

Martyn Campbell, Executive Director, Safework SA

Our EAP referrals are down. Just a few weeks ago the provider rang me up and asked if we were using another provider because the numbers are dropping,” Colin laughed. “I actually said no we’re not, but what we’re doing is we’re getting more proactive. We’re getting ahead of people getting stressed or ill.

Colin Henson, People & Culture Manager, ADDSI Limited

“The Oranges toolkit reframed my thinking to a more positive outlook through practical, strength based strategies that I use in both my professional and personal life to improve my wellbeing every day!”

Naomi Fox, Participant

“Couldn’t rate this training higher for your personal development and wellbeing. The two day session was so interactive and the strategies are so practical to add to your daily routine. The best personal development training I have ever attended.”

Ashley Ledoux, Participant

fresh start event options

A Fresh Start event solution will equip executives, leadership and front-line staff in any organisation or industry with connection, resilience and energy to start strong and go the distance in 2021.
All options include access to practical tools that build wellbeing and employee engagement.

Program Format

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    10mins – 1.5 hours

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    Live – Virtual and physical meetings

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    Unlimited attendees

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    Accredited Oranges Toolkit presenter

Features and benefits

  • Energise your team with a presentation at your virtual or in-person event that inspires with both scientific insights and practical tools to boost resilience and wellbeing

  • Presented to the likes of the Australian Institute of Sport and the Department of Premier & Cabinet QLD, our captivating speaker presentations combine the latest science, engaging stories and practical strategies that can be used immediately and every day

  • Duration is flexible according to your needs – starting from a snappy 10-minute guest-speaker session up to a deep dive for 1.5 hrs

  • Topics are also tailored to your needs or theme, or select from a wide range of popular content.

Fresh start topic examples:

  • From 9 to thrive: Top resilience-building strategies

  • Abundant brainpower: Fostering a growth mindset

  • A winning strategy: How a strengths focus amplifies performance

  • Starting right: Cultivating optimism and hope in uncertainty

Program Format

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    1 -1.5 hours

  • ic


    Live and interactive in-person meetings or virtual webinars

  • ic


    70+ participants

  • ic


    2 x accredited Oranges Toolkit facilitators + tech support

Features and benefits

  • Build connection and capability with interactive sessions

  • Choose a topic that aligns with your wellbeing strategy and organisational needs

  • Fun and energising activities to strengthen relationships with others

Our performance boosting, team building connection sessions include:

  • Pause and pivot: Turning stress into an on-field advantage

  • Emotional endurance: Managing emotions against the odds

  • Dream team: Staying connected even when apart

  • Start strong: How a strengths focus amplifies performance

The interactive connection session is coupled with a playbook and follow-up resources to embed knowledge beyond the event.

Program Format

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    2 hours or Half Day

  • ic


    Live, interactive facilitated in-person workshops or virtual classrooms

  • ic


    25 participants

  • ic


    Accredited Oranges Toolkit facilitator

Features and benefits

  • Builds resilience and wellbeing of participants with scientific insights and practical tools

  • Highly interactive and engaging workshops that are both enlightening and fun!

  • Increased self-awareness and strategies for facing 2021 with a fresh perspective

  • Strengthens teamwork and organisational culture

  • Choose 1-2 segments to focus learning outcomes to your organisation

7 ORANGES segments of wellbeing:

  • Optimism

  • Resilience

  • Attitude

  • Now (Mindfulness)

  • Gratitude

  • Energy

  • Strengths

The highly interactive workshops also include a comprehensive playbook, personalised wellbeing action plan and the Citrus Squeeze follow up resources. Two-day programs also include the participant wellbeing self-assessment tool.
Work with us to arrange catering and personal touches to make your event truly unique!

Find out how our Fresh Start events and programs can be memorable and impactful for your organisation.

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For every dollar invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace, organisations can expect a return of $2.30

PwC, (2014)

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