invigorating, science-led wellbeing workshops

Experience our transformational, 7-segment program in-person or online with video-based e-learning

Our workshops are based on the latest scientific research from world-leading universities such as Harvard, Oxford and Pennsylvania, delivered in a highly engaging, interactive and fun way. We are playful because we know the importance that positive emotions have on our ability to learn new information and collaborate with others.

Our unique framework consists of seven segments of wellbeing, that form the acronym of ORANGES - you can learn more about it here.

seven segment program for organisations

Build wellbeing in your organisation with the ORANGES flagship program

  • Length
    Ranges from 2 hours per segment to 2 days for holistic program
  • Format
    Interactive facilitated workshops or virtual webinars
  • Limit
    25 participants
  • Facilitator
    Accredited Oranges facilitator, delivering live
  • Date
$ 0 AUD
From $4,000 for one segment workshop (up to 25 people)
*Price varies according to duration and delivery mode. Excludes GST. Minimum 20 people for a dedicated workshop. Individual and small group purchases will be allocated to upcoming public/shared programs. A team member will contact you to confirm details including segment choice for half/single segment programs. Does not include travel for facilitator if required for In-person programs. Additional costs may be incurred for venue, catering. An Oranges Toolkit consultant will contact you to determine the best selection of segments and workshop design to meet your needs.
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