Evidence-informed, practical training to improve employee performance

The Oranges Toolkit’s live and real-time online resilience training programs support and equip workforces to manage the uncertainty and stress we are currently facing during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote working and physical (social) distancing measures are affecting workforces globally. As we grapple with staying connected and productive while working from home, business leaders are reporting concerns about employee performance, motivation, engagement and wellbeing.

The Oranges Toolkit’s interactive and practical webinars and virtual classrooms are based on the latest evidence and interventions from the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. All sessions are facilitated by two accredited and engaging facilitators, with tech support to ensure a smooth and easy experience for all participants.

Investing in workforce wellbeing pays off
Now more than ever, investing and supporting your workforce to develop resilience and optimism will equip your organisation to not only face current challenges now but to thrive in an uncertain future.

For every dollar invested in creating a mentally healthy workplace, organisations can expect a return of $2.30


Sessions topics include:

  • Working remotely – adapting to the new way of working
  • Staying connected during social (physical) isolation
  • Turning stress into an advantage
  • Managing emotions during Covid-19
  • Leveraging your strengths to stay engaged
  • Staying motivated during uncertain times
  • Leading through a crisis
  • Cultivating optimism and hope

Tailored packages to meet your business needs
Online training packages are tailored to your unique business needs and challenges. Webinars can be delivered on your company technology or via Zoom. All sessions focus on fostering connection and collaboration between teams with interactivity. Each topics include a practical playbook to help embed knowledge and apply the tools immediately, with follow-up resources via email to support further learning.

Wellbeing consulting and individual or group coaching is also available. Our effective resilience-building programs have been delivered in organisations like KPMG, Australia Post, DHL Express, Safework SA and numerous government departments.

Your choice supports kids facing Cancer
Download our free guide and we will contact you to discuss how The Oranges Toolkit can support your business to build resilience, agility and connection during this difficult time. As Camp Quality’s social enterprise, all profits from The Oranges Toolkit go towards supporting kids facing cancer in Australia.

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