Give your team the gift of connection

Give your team the gift of connection and wellbeing with one of our team building connection events.

After the ups and downs we've experienced, now is a great time to reconnect through one of our science-based wellbeing and connection focused events. Not only will you and your team enjoy a memorable and fun experience - everyone will gain resilience skills and improved connection to support them to optimistically face whatever the year ahead has to offer. It could also present a perfect introduction to a more holistic wellbeing program, and a chance for you to get a taste of The Oranges Toolkit impact!

Based on the latest research from renowned fields like positive psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and much more, our programs enlighten participants with the science of their behaviours and that of others, equipping them with practical tools that they can use immediately and every day.

All three event options are available in-person or virtual delivery, with a qualified, engaging, professional Oranges Toolkit facilitator.

Connection keynote presentations

10min - 1.5 hours, Live in-person or virtual presentations, unlimited attendees

  • Energise your team with a presentation at your virtual or in-person event that inspires with both scientific insights and practical tools to boost resilience and wellbeing
  • Presented to the likes of the Australian Institute of Sport and the Department of Premier & Cabinet QLD, our captivating speaker presentations combine the latest science, engaging stories and practical strategies that can be used immediately and every day
  • Duration is flexible according to your needs – starting from a snappy 10-minute guest-speaker session up to a deep dive for 1.5 hrs
  • Topics are also tailored to your needs or theme, or select from a wide range of popular content

Keynote topic examples:

  • From 9 to thrive: Top connection and resilience-building strategies
  • Wellbeing connection: How to strengthen connection with self and others
  • Abundant brainpower: Fostering a growth mindset in yourself and others
  • A winning strategy: How a strengths focus amplifies performance and relationships
  • Starting right: Cultivating optimism and hope in uncertainty

Connection sessions

1 - 1.5 hours, Live and interactive in-person meetings or virtual webinars, 70+ participants

  • Build connection and capability with interactive sessions
  • Choose a topic that aligns with your wellbeing strategy and organisational needs
  • Fun and energising activities to strengthen relationships with others

Connection Session topic examples:

Our performance boosting, team building connection session topics include:

  • Pause and pivot: Turning stress into an on-field advantage
  • Emotional endurance: Managing emotions against the odds
  • Dream team: Staying connected through volatile times
  • Start strong: How a strengths focus amplifies performance

The interactive Connection Session is coupled with a playbook and follow-up resources to embed knowledge beyond the event.

Connection workshops

2-3 hours, 25 participants

  • Builds resilience and wellbeing of participants with scientific insights and practical tools
  • Highly interactive and engaging workshops that are both enlightening and fun!
  • Increased self-awareness and strategies for facing 2021 with a fresh perspective
  • Strengthens teamwork and organisational culture
  • Choose 1-2 segments to focus learning outcomes to your organisation

Choose one or more of the seven ORANGES segments of wellbeing:

  • Optimism
  • Resilience
  • Attitude
  • Now (Mindfulness)
  • Gratitude
  • Energy
  • Strengths

The highly interactive workshops also include a comprehensive playbook, personalised wellbeing action plan and the Citrus Squeeze follow up resources. Two-day programs also include the participant wellbeing self-assessment tool. Work with us to arrange catering and personal touches to make your event truly unique! Find out more about our Seven Segments of Wellbeing Program for organisations here.

If you'd like more information including exploring training and program options that meet your needs and budget, please get in touch with us today!